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7 Ways to Rack Up Energy Savings in Your Server Rooms

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Server rooms are critical to any organization’s daily operations, whether they’re used to store sensitive customer data, proprietary product designs, applications to enhance productivity, or financial data. Many organizations invest time and money in making sure servers are operating under the right conditions – ideal temperatures, humidity, and ventilation. That can be a lot of energy.
On top of that, it’s estimated nearly 30% of servers go unused, and by generating heat, they drive up air-handling costs even more. Is your organization using more energy in its server rooms than it needs to?
Download this whitepaper to receive 7 practical tips to optimize your server room’s operations for both reliability and energy efficiency. Learn how to save money while protecting your organization’s digital and physical data storage assets. Then get in touch with PECO to learn how you can save on energy efficiency improvements for server rooms.
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